freenode, früher als Open Projects Network (OPN) bekannt, ist ein IRC-Netzwerk, dessen Sinn und Ziel es ist, eine kostenlose und stabile Kommunikationsplattform für die Freie-Software-Gemeinde anzubieten. Seine Mitarbeiter sind ehrenamtlich tätig. Mutterorganisation des freenode-Netzwerkes war di Freenode, stylized freenode and formerly known as Open Projects Network, is an IRC network used to discuss peer-directed projects. Their servers are accessible from the hostname chat.freenode.net, which load balances connections by using the actual servers in rotation.. On 19 May 2021, Freenode underwent what some staff described as a hostile takeover, and twenty to thirty volunteer staff. Copy. Updated Most of the volunteer staff of Freenode, an internet relay chat (IRC) network dating back to 1995, have resigned in protest over what they describe as a hostile takeover of the chat service. And many have launched an alternative service, Libera Chat Bis vor kurzem zählte Freenode mit rund 76.000 aktiven Nutzern nach wie vor zu den beliebtesten IRC-Netzen. Viele freie Software-Projekte, unter anderem GNU, Fedora, aber auch Wikipedia nutzten. Freenode scandal mostly seems to boil down to logos. Summary: The Freenode controversy has resulted in what we consider to be disproportionate response, which likely necessitates further mediation for an amicable resolution; please do not participate in the anti-Freenode (warped into anti-Lee) rally as it harms Free software more than it helps i

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Freenode - Wikipedi

freenode, which was the largest active IRC network, was taken over by Andrew Lee; The Korean crown prince. Former staff and volunteers say that there was absolutely no way this selling process could be legal, but due to his wealth and powerful relations, the Korean prince could not be stopped. Until today, by his own stupidity Eir is an IRC client bot framework, written primarily for freenode utility functions. It is, however, highly extensible using C++ or Perl, and is used by other projects as well

freenode #live is a community-focused live event designed to build and strengthen relationships between Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers and users. freenode live seeks to raise awareness of and promote FOSS alternatives to proprietary software. Facilitating face-to-face interaction, creative workshops, talks and think tanks, freenode. The freenode network is an irc network that one can connect to in order to chat but there's a freenode domain that acts as a client to the network which it seems freenode Ltd (of which Andrew is now the only member on the board) own Join #freenode-jobs to post today, or view this site and message a poster if they are who you have been looking for. All. LFW HIRING. HIRING: Adventure awaits you beyond the horizon in FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE. With the expanded Free Trial, new players can journey through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restriction on.

Freenode IRC staff resign en masse, unhappy about new

IRC-Netz: Freenode ist tot - es lebe Libera Chat! heise

  1. Freenode started at an IRC channel named #LinPeople in the 1990s. (IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a chat protocol that has been around since the late 1980s and was widely used by open-source groups.) Over time, the channel became Open Projects Network and because a separate IRC network. The name was later changed to Freenode
  2. utes. Here are the steps. Join the freenode network. Open your..
  3. There's an ongoing discussion in the private Arch Linux staff mailing list, with options ranging from sticking on freenode, moving to another IRC provider, or using something else entirely. No decisions have been made as of yet, but I'm sure an announcement will be made in due course. Making lemonade from lemons since 2015
  4. Der Beitrag ordnet die Ereignisse um Freenode und Libera.Chat in einen größeren Kontext um das Thema IRC im Allgemeinen ein. Es wird die Meinung vertreten, dass zwar viel Ungewissheit herrscht, aber speziell das destruktive Verhalten der neuen Freenode-Operatoren IRC vielleicht überraschenderweise mehr nutzt als schadet
  5. Updated Following the Freenode schism last week that saw most of the IRC network's volunteer staff leave to form rival network Libera Chat, Freenode on Tuesday commandeered hundreds of channels used by various open source software projects and fiddled with their permissions. Today (2021-05-26) a large number of Gentoo channels have been hijacked by Freenode staff, including channels that were.

Unterstützt Freenode - was ist da los? - eine Zusammenfassung. May 19, 2021 · 3 min · tuxifreund. Die meisten Menschen, die diesen Blog lesen, wissen, dass Freenode ein IRC -Netzwerk ist und viele haben es entweder im IRC-Channel oder in den unterschiedlichen sozialen Netzwerken mitbekommen, dass bei Freenode im Moment Einiges am Brodeln ist In the meantime, former Freenode staffers have started a new IRC network they're calling Libera Chat. Billed as a next-generation IRC network for free and open source software projects and. freenode, which was the largest active IRC network, was taken over by Andrew Lee; The Korean crown prince. Former staff and volunteers say that there was absolutely no way this selling process could be legal, but due to his wealth and powerful relations, the Korean prince could not be stopped. Until today, by his own stupidity. The madman paid a large sum of money to buy the network - which. Freenode, the open-source project that powers Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks, is involved in the most recent scandal after some of its developers quickly called it quits for the org

The Panic Over Freenode Isn't Justified and Its Reaction

  1. What is freenode Chit? freenode Chit is a short message, or chit, publishing system that lets you chit from IRC. Chit is not a social network. How do I Chit? Unlike traditional sites, users chit and vote on chits over IRC on freenode. What channel on freenode
  2. ChromeOS, Freenode, Elder Scrolls: Erste Hinweise auf The Elder Scrolls 6 an Raumschiff-Teile
  3. Upheaval at freenode [Briefs] Posted May 19, 2021 13:43 UTC (Wed) by jake Several readers have alerted us to some serious problems at freenode, which runs an IRC network that is popular in the free-software world. Evidently there has been a change of control within the volunteer-run organization that has led to the resignations of multiple.
  4. Freenode doesn't own IRC, setting up an IRC server is essentially trivial, and what's really important is the online community — they can just pick up and move somewhere else with very.
  5. utes. Here are the steps. Join the freenode network. Open your..
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Goodbye Freenode. Sunday 13 June 2021. For the last month or so, the IRC world has been embroiled in drama over the new ownership of Freenode. For me, it culminated yesterday when I was banned from Freenode. I'm not going to try to recap what happened in detail, but I can give you my overall perspective on it Historically, freenode staff had stated that everything was under control and that Andrew's involvement in freenode limited had no operational impact on the network. It turns out that Christel was lying to them: Andrew had operational control and legal authority over the freenode domains. This lead to several current volunteers drafting their. Freenode is one of the most famous IRC networks, and as of 2016, it was reported to have more than 90K active users, making it the largest IRC network in the world. Various open source projects and Linux distributions used to provide support channels and other channels on Freenode using the IRC protocol for users

Upheaval at freenode. [Posted May 19, 2021 by jake] Several readers have alerted us to some serious problems at freenode, which runs an IRC network that is popular in the free-software world. Evidently there has been a change of control within the volunteer-run organization that has led to the resignations of multiple different volunteers, at. Ein gewisser reicher Mensch, Andrew Lee meint aktuell Freenode übernehmen zu wollen. Damit sind allerdings die aktuellen Freenode-Staffer nicht zufrieden und wollen das nicht - vollkommen zurecht! Die Staffer wollen zurücktreten, wenn Andrew Lee sich durchsetzt, wonach es aktuell aussieht Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Fosshost Enters Partnership with freenode By corwin | Jun 1, 2021. Fosshost C.I.C, a UK non-profit provider of cloud computing services for FOSS, enters into a long term partnership with Freenode Limited ('freenode'). Work has begun, and the two organizations have directed staff toward constructing long-term plans for freenode on the Fosshost network. In the immediate, Fosshost staff will.

Freenode commits suicide, is no longer a serious IRC network. Since this happened after I was banned from Freenode, I didn't get to observe this first hand, but this is the situation as I now understand it.. Global notices were sent to those connected on Freenode announcing that the new freenode is launched (reported by Xe, whom I trust): [root] [Global Notice 1/3] We are moving past. Lesetipps: Epic vs. Apple, Freenode Probleme, Google und die Fakenews. Lesetipps: Eine Insider-Warnung - ist Freenode wirklich nicht mehr sicher? So funktioniert Googles neuer Plan, um gegen Fakenews vorzugehen. Sunny 19.05.2021 18:05 Lesezeit: 4 Min. Herzlich willkommen zu einer neuen Ausgabe unserer Tarnkappe.info Lesetipps freenode now belongs to Andrew Lee, and I'm leaving for a new network. A previous copy of this was a draft. This one isn't - its the real thing. Some time ago, Christel, the former head of freenode staff sold `freenode ltd` (a holding company) to a third party, Andrew Lee [1], under terms that were not disclosed to the staff body

IRC: freenode übernimmt Kontrolle bei 700 Kanälen - Libera

Freenode is a quarter-century-old community that has changed its name to libera.chat; the thing being referred to here as Freenode is something else that has illegitimately acquired control of Freenode's old servers and user database, causing enormous inconvenience to the real Freenode. cheapie has coined the name Leenode for this abomination. Let's start using it! reply. dspillett 6 hours. Freenode is one of the most popular IRC networks, and one of the oldest. Recently, there has been some controversy about its leader, Andrew Lee, and some staff members have quit to form a new network named Libera. I want everyone to know: I'm completely neutral about the whole thing. I have no strong feelings one way or the other. I wish success to both Freenode and Libera. Libreboot now has. Freenode (litt. « nœud libre » ) anciennement nommé Openprojects (litt. « projets ouverts ») est un réseau IRC utilisé principalement par des développeurs de projets libres et open source.. Les serveurs du réseau Freenode sont baptisés avec les noms d'auteurs de science-fiction et de fantastiqu Upheaval at freenode Posted May 26, 2021 3:24 UTC (Wed) by pabs (subscriber, #43278) Parent article: Upheaval at freenode. Freenode are now routinely hijacking channels that indicate they moved to Libera. When they do it looks somewhat like this: <-- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has left #foo --> freenodecom (freenode-placehol from ~com@freenode/staff) has joined #foo * OperServ gives channel.

The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Last remaining >1000 user community channel seized by freenode staffLate in the evening of June 12, 2021, freenode staff seized the largest community channel left on freenode.They cleared the ##linux access list and established themselves as channel owners. In the process they kicked roughly a thousand remaining users from ##linux, trying to forward them t When freenode announced that it was joining with Private Internet Access in 2017, the domain name, as well as unspecified other assets, were sold to one Andrew Lee via a holding company. Staff were uncertain but assured that PIA was to have no operational influence. In early 2021, that changed. New advertising was pushed onto the freenode website without warning. The head of staff at the.

IRC: Freenode-Betreiber ziehen sich zurück. Die technischen Betreiber von Freenode ziehen sich nach Konflikten mit dem Besitzer zurück und gründen ein neues IRC-Netzwerk Beiträge über freenode von Rorschach. Im Gegensatz zu den allermeisten IRC-Netzwerken erlaubt freenode das anonyme Chatten durch Tor.Dazu sollte man als IRC-Server den Onion-Server mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion benutzen. Dies hat aber zum einen den Nachteil, dass einige Channels wie zum Beispiel #ubuntu die Benutzer von Tor ausgesperrt haben Freenode, conhecida anteriormente como Open Projects Network, é uma rede de IRC muito popular entre usuários de software livre e programadores. É a rede oficial de vários projetos open source importantes, como o Slackware, Ubuntu, Gentoo GNU/Linux, e outros.A rede alega sustentar mais de 23.500 conexões simultâneas em momentos de pico

What's happening at Freenode? : ir

Artikel: IRC: Freenode-Betreiber ziehen sich zurück; Themen: IRC, Messenger, Applikationen, Open Source, Softwareentwicklung; Foren › Kommentare › Internet › Alle Kommentare zum Artikel › IRC: Freenode-Betreiber ziehen sich Eine Hundehütte ‹ Thema › Neues Thema Ansicht wechseln. Eine Hundehütte Autor: M.P. 19.05.21 - 15:21 Mit dem Bild eines VT100 Terminals habt Ihr mich. Freenode Ltd.の所有権はPIAの創業者であるアンドリュー・リー氏に移ります。この時、リー氏は「ネットワークの運営には関与しない」と約束してい. freenode(フリーノード)は、かつて「オープンプロジェクトネットワーク」として知られていたIRCのネットワーク。 サーバにはドメイン名 chat.freenode.netからアクセスすることができ、これは利用者を新規接続の受け入れが可能なサーバへ順番に送る。 freenodeは現存する最も大きなFOSSによるIRC.

Freenode IRC staff resign en masse after takeover by Korea

Freenode,前称Open Projects Network,是用于群体间或个人对个人的IRC 即时聊天 网络 。 所有服务器都可以通过主机地址chat.freenode.net及irc.freenode.net访问,并轮循连接各地实际服务器的进行负载均衡 。 到2010年为止,它已经成为最大的自由及开源软件的IRC网络 。 截止到2013年,这个世界最大的IRC网络 拥有. Then please press Continue to establish a connection to chat network freenode! Chat Search Chat Directory About irc2go: Category: Computers > Software > Payment > Stripe: Online Chat: Appchat: stripe freenode Chat Room - 6 users - 130 minutes ago - known since 2014.

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IRC-Netzwerk Freenode: Feindliche Übernahme - Linux New

Freenode IRC工作者集体请辞 以表达对新管理层的不满. 作为一个开源互联网中继聊天(IRC)网络,Freenode 项目的大多数志愿者工作可追溯到 1995 年. Freenode (nodo libre) es una red de servidores IRC orientado al software libre. [1] En él se encuentran canales de proyectos de código abierto en diferentes idiomas. También se pueden encontrar otro tipo de proyectos, como organizaciones gubernamentales o no-gubernamentales. El servidor principal de su red es: irc.freenode.net, el que junto con chat.freenode.net, van balanceando la carga.

Developers Flee Open Source Project After 'Takeover' By

Freenode Ltd. (the entity that owns/controls the IRC network) was sold to a guy under the pretense that he wouldn't mess with the operation of the IRC network in exchange for some sponsorship money to keep things going, it seems. Earlier this year he reneged and started doing things against the initial agreement, citing his investment in the network and most of the staff resigned in protest. I registered on Freenode on 2009-03-21 at 17:25:41 UTC, to participate in the Apertium channel #apertium.I also joined the C++ channel ##C++.. On 2011-06-29 at 11:06:39 UTC, I created ##C++-general with the blessing of the ##C++ operators. This quickly grew to be the 2nd largest C++ channel on Freenode, and indeed on any network at the time Freenode still had a lively community of users remaining and the #debian channel was pretty active too. As of today, this is no longer true. Debians IRC presence continues to be on OFTC and we have a nice growing community on the new Libera.Chat network, but anything on Freenode is neither official Debian supported nor endorsed. Quite the contrary, we urge anyone to drop their connections to.

Freenode IRC staff quit after new owner seizes control

New lux.freenode.net Yes 241 1478 New passion.freenode.net Yes 516 1483 New kodama.freenode.net Yes 409 1495 New tildes.freenode.net Yes 226 1491 Old rinnegan.freenode.net No 10350 26936 Y Old ace.freenode.net No 2475 26930 Y Old happytree.freenode.net No 5338 26922 wahoo-bike-computer: Computer IRC Chat, 2 Besucher, vor 138 Minuten - Kein Topic - Du benötigst eine Chat-Anwendung, die IRC-Links unterstützt, um von hier aus den Computer Chatraum zu betreten. Hast Du bereits eine installiert? Dann drücke Weiter, um dich mit dem IRC-Netz freenode zu verbinden gentoo-dev: Gentoo IRC Chat, 30 Besucher, vor 45 Minuten - Unofficial Gentoo discussion. - Du benötigst eine Chat-Anwendung, die IRC-Links unterstützt, um von hier aus den Gentoo Chatraum zu betreten. Hast Du bereits eine installiert? Dann drücke Weiter, um dich mit dem IRC-Netz freenode zu verbinden

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Connecting to freenode - freenod

Leaving Freenode. blog; The freenode IRC network has been hijacked.. TL;DR: move to libera.chat or OFTC.net, as did countless free software projects including Gentoo, CentOS, KDE, Wikipedia, FOSDEM, and more.Debian and the Tor project were already on OFTC and are not affected by this. What is freenode and why should I care Freenode IRC and Gentoo May 20, 2021. According to the information published recently, there have been major changes in the way the Freenode IRC network is administered. This has resulted in a number of staff members raising concerns about the new administration and/or resigning. A large number of open source projects have already announced the transition to other IRC networks, or are actively.

freenode offers cloaks to our users, which replace one's hostname or IP address in various places with a project affiliation or lack thereof. Many of you will be aware that cloaks on freenode are not offered as a security measure and that various means are available to third parties to see through them.. However, many users acquire cloaks for security/privacy reasons anyway, and we've taken. Dozens of organizations and projects continue to move away from the popular Freenode IRC chat network, which has long been synonymous with open source projects. In a post, one of Libera Chat's. To all the people I have interacted with in freenode, and to all the contributors I have worked with over there: I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary of having an account in freenode. I have a lot of fond memories, met a lot of amazing people in that period of time. Some time ago, th Freenode ist ein IRC-Netzwerk, dessen Sinn und Ziel es ist, eine kostenlose und stabile Kommunikationsplattform für die Freie-Software-Gemeinde anzubieten. Internet Relay Chat, kurz IRC, bezeichnet ein textbasiertes Chat-System. Es ermöglicht Gesprächsrunden mit einer beliebigen Anzahl von Teilnehmern in sogenannten Gesprächskanälen, aber auch Gespräche mit nur zwei Partnern. freenode ist ein spezialisiertes (kein universelles) Diskussions-Netzwerk, das derzeit auf der Basis von Internet Relay Chat (IRC) realisiert ist. Es existiert, um einzelne Gemeinschaften zu unterstützen. Es stellt eine interaktive Umgebung bereit, die bei der Koordination und Hilfe in Projekten gleichberechtigter Teilnehmer behilflich sein.

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