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Configure the SonarQube analysis properties. You can either point to an existing sonar-project.properties file or set the analysis properties directly in the Analysis properties field; Using a Jenkins pipeline. We provide a withSonarQubeEnv block that allows you to select the SonarQube server you want to interact with. Connection details you have configured in Jenkins global configuration will be automatically passed to the scanner On top of that, there are two ways to configure the scanner: Using sonar-project.properties; By sending parameters to the SonarScanner; When I set out to do this configuration, my goal was to minimize the impact of the scanning process on the existing project I wanted to scan. I didn't want to add new files or plugins. I already had a Jenkinsfile, so I tried to concentrate all my changes there. That left me with the option of using the SonnarScanner with parameters passed directly to it. The. Create Job and add Sonar properties-sonarqube integration with Jenkins for code analysis. Now create one job and go to build step click on add build step and select invoke top level maven targets and give maven command as clean install. And click on add build step and select execute sonarqube scanner click on that SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins. waitForQualityGate: Wait for SonarQube analysis to be completed and return quality gate status; withSonarQubeEnv: Prepare SonarQube Scanner environmen The problem seems that Jenkins does not know where my sonar-project.properties is placed. It is under D:\myprj and has contents as below: It is under D:\myprj and has contents as below: # required metadata sonar.projectKey=my_prj:my_prj sonar.projectName=my_prj sonar.projectVersion=1.00 sonar.sources=my_prj/src sonar.language=jav

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sonar.projectBaseDir: Use this property when you need analysis to take place in a directory other than the one from which it was launched. E.G. analysis begins from jenkins/jobs/myjob/workspace but the files to be analyzed are in ftpdrop/cobol/project1. The path may be relative or absolute. Specify not the the source directory, but some parent of the source directory. The value specified here becomes the new analysis directory, and other paths are then specified as though the analysis were. We have to first configure the sonarqube scanner. Now go to the global to configuration option in manage Jenkins, in the sonarscanner for MSBuild installation -> give a name for the scanner -> and select the correct MSBuild version of your project. You have to select the right sonarscanner for the MSBuild version that matches your project. Click apply & save. Click on the relevant projects and then into the build pipeline for further configuration Install SonarQube Scanner plugin in Jenkins as shown below. Step 2: Configure SonarQube Scanner in Global Tool Configuration . Next Configure SonarQube Scanner in Global Tool Configuration using below steps. Go to Mange Jenkins-> Global Tool Configuration-> Scroll for SonarQube Scanner-> click on Add sonar scanner-> Give the name , select SonarQube Scanner version and click on Apply. If you. Jenkins would make checkouts of the code from the repository and would perform automated builds and would execute unit tests. During this process it would run a sonarqube runner which ultimately integrates the static analysis results to the SonarQube dashboard. The SonarQube dashboard and the Jenkins server can be deployed as two separate components. The SonarQube Jenkins plugin ultimately executes the sonar runner to integrate the code to the sonar dashboard. This automated.

SonarQube and Jenkins. Running a SonarQube scan from a build on your local workstation is fine, but a robust solution needs to include SonarQube as part of the continuous integration process.If you add SonarQube analysis into a Jenkins pipeline, you can ensure that if the quality gate fails then the pipeline won't continue to further stages such as publish or release I recommend using the sonar-project.properties file rather than the Jenkins UI. It allows you to keep it in source control. Having the properties separate makes the move to other CI/CD systems in the future easier as well

To configure a Sonar job, select 'New Item' available on the left side panel in Jenkins. In the subsequent screen provide a job name. Click on 'Pipeline' option, if you intend to run a Pipeline, else select the 'Maven' option. Click on 'OK' button to provide configuration details AddPropsDescr =Additional command line arguments to be passed to the SonarQube scanner. For example, '-X'. AddAnalysisPropsDescr =Additional analysis properties in the form of key-value pairs. For example, 'sonar.analysis.mode=issues'. MojoVersionDescr =If not specified, the goal will be sonar:sonar For any configuration changes go to conf folder and sonar.properties file. Here you can configure database, LDAP, webserver, SSO authentication, logging, etc, e.g. for port — under web-server. In my previous blogs, I have covered about Jenkins and SonarQube where I have explained their features, installation, and configuration. Now in this blog, I will cover how you can configure SonarQube scanner in Jenkins so that before deploying the code you can scan it through SonarQube and stop the deployment process if the test fails from SonarQube.This way we can also ensure the code quality.

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Sonarqube scanner will automatically install in the backend. Our integration of sonarqube with jenkins has been done only one thing is pending our jenkins is don't know where our sonarqube server is running. So we have to pass only sonarqube server details in jenkins. There are two way to pass sonarqube server details sonar.projectKey = org.sonarqube:sonarqube-scanner: sonar.projectName = Example of SonarQube Scanner Usage: sonar.projectVersion = 1.0: sonar.sources = src,copybooks: sonar.sourceEncoding = UTF-8 # # Cobol Specific Properties # comma-separated paths to directories with copybooks: sonar.cobol.copy.directories = copybooks # comma-separated list of suffixes: sonar.cobol.file.suffixes = cbl,cpy: sonar.cobol.copy.suffixes = cp Then add the scanner installer version under Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Global Tool Configuration.The name you give it (in this case sonarqube-scanner) is what you would use in your Jenkins file DevOps | SonarQube Integration With Jenkins | SonarQube Scanner For Jenkins | Thetips4you - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. www.usaa.com/bundle. If playback. The next step is to configure Sonar analysis on Jenkins. The goal is to integrate Sonar as part of the master job. In order to do that, you need to have a Sonar token for Jenkins. Once you have done this, you need to modify your job as follows: Enable option Use secret text(s) or file(s) in section Build Environmen

重启jenkins . 2.1. 配置SonarQube. 首先,在SonarQube中生成一个Token(PS:用token代替输入用户名和密码) 然后,在Jenkins中配置连接sonarqube服务器的地址,这里用到的token就是刚才在sonarqube中创建的那个token. 最后,配置全局工具配置 . 3. 创建任务. 最最重要的是,配置SonarQube analysis properties 在SonarQube上生成令牌. 将令牌添加到Jenkins. 选择应用令牌. 2.3 配置 SonarQube Scanner. Jenkins---》系统管理---》全局工具配置, 配置 SonarQube Scanner. 2.4 Jenkins任务配置. 设置源码仓库. 指定构建前的操作. sonar.projectKey=testsonar sonar.sources=. Path to project properties:指定sonar-project.properties 文件,默认使用项目根目录的sonar-project.properties文 You'll find them filed under sonarqube-scanner/src. Alternatives to sonar-project.properties. If a sonar-project.properties file cannot be created in the root directory of the project, there are several alternatives: The properties can be specified directly through the command line. Ex: sonar-scanner -Dsonar.projectKey=myproject -Dsonar.sources. Now create sonar project property file and add following content: vi sonar-project.properties sonar.projectKey=<<project unique key>> sonar.projectName=<<Project Name>> sonar.projectVersion=1. sonar.modules=phpmodule, cssmodule, jsmodule phpmodule.sonar.sources=<<path to your php project codebase folder>> phpmodule.sonar.language=php sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 phpmodule.sonar.projectBaseDir. Sonar 是一个用于管理代码质量的开源工具,可以分析代码中的bug和漏洞以及Code Smells,支持20多种编程语言的检测,如java,c/c++,python,php等语言,当前有超过85000家组织在使用sonar。. Sonar可以与DevOps工具链完全整合,可以与大多数构建工具进行内置集成,与Jenkins,TFS / VSTS,TeamCity,Bamboo等持续整合引擎轻松集成,支持众多源代码管理配置工具,如git,svn,cvs等.

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菜单:管理Jenkins -> 全局工具配置 ,或者直接访问:,找到SonarQube Scanner 配置项然后点击SonarQube Scanner 安装 为了省事儿,这里我们选择自动安装,版本选择2. SonarQube Integration with Jenkins. Login to Jenkins GUI console and install SonarQube scanner plugin Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Avalable > SonarQube scanner. Server authentication token To Get Authentication code follow below steps. Login to SonarQube server as a admin My Account > Security > Generate Token In my previous blogs, I have covered about Jenkins and SonarQube where I have explained their features, installation, and configuration. Now in this blog, I will cover how you can configure SonarQube scanner in Jenkins so that before deploying the code you can scan it through SonarQube and stop the deployment process if the test fails from SonarQube.This way we can also ensure the code quality. Configure the SonarQube analysis properties. You can either point to an existing sonar-project.properties file or set the analysis properties directly in the Analysis properties field; Using a Jenkins pipeline. We provide a withSonarQubeEnv block that allows you to select the SonarQube server you want to interact with. Connection details you. Inside sonar-scanner.properties write below code — sonar.projectKey=github-jenkins-sonar sonar.sources=./src. To keep it simple I have used only two properties(as above), sonar.projectKey.

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We run the command sonar-scanner only: In this case, all the properties mentioned in the sonar-project.properties will be considered. neetu.purba$ sonar-scanner SonarQube Scanner Configuration in Jenkins Creating and Configuring Jenkins Pipeline Job. Since we are all set with the global configurations, let's now create a Jenkins Pipeline Job for a simple node.js application for which code analysis will be done by SonarQube. For that, let's click on New Item in Jenkins home page and enter the job name as sonarqube_test_pipeline and then. I want to add sonar's analysis properties in jenkins in addition to exclusions available in sonar property file. So I have some exclusions in properties file and I added some in the analysis properties in jenkins, but when it scans it just excludes the ones given in analysis properties and not the property file

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Go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System and update the SonarQube servers section. Go to Manage Jenkins > Global Tool Configuration and update SonarQube Scanner as in the below image. Now, create a jenkins job and setup SCM (say, git) Choose Build > Execute SonarQube Scanner from job configure. Now, provide the required sonar properties in. This plugin allows an easy integration of SonarQube , the open source platform for Continuous Inspection of code quality

You can either point to an existing sonar-project.properties file or set the analysis properties directly in the Analysis properties field Using a Jenkins pipeline We provide a withSonarQubeEnv block that allows you to select the SonarQube server you want to interact with We will also configure sonar-scanner properties file at add SonarQube server: $ cd conf $ vi sonar-scanner.properties. Uncomment sonar.host.url and add your SonarQube server URL. Configure the SonarQube server . Now we will configure GitLab and SonarQube at Jenkins. Go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System; At SonarQube servers tab, enter your SonarQube server URL and the Server. Try adding NodeJS plugin and see if that fixes it. Considering we have NodeJS code in the repo, and first look at the error, sonar appears to be is trying to invoke NodeJS command to me. I will give it a go @cziaul by adding sonarqube step. Need to recreate this issue in order to troubleshoot and fix it

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  1. istration -> In Security, select Users -> In Ad
  2. SonarQube Jenkins plugin. The plugin provides a withSonarQubeEnv('SonarCloud') { } block which ensures the configured properties are available to any scanner running within. Branch analysis. For branch analysis to work, we need to pass the sonar.branch.name parameter to our Sonar Scanner. When using Maven builds in Jenkins, that then comes down to the following pipeline step.
  3. How to set the the mandatory properties sources for Sonar in Jenkins: artwood: 1/24/14 3:17 AM: Hello I've a problem with the configuration of jenkins in order to use the plugin of Sonar. I've set the properties into the file sonar-project.properties, that looks like the following code: pom.groupId=groupID pom.artifactId=artifactID sonar.sourceEncoding=iso-8859-15 sonar.java.target=1.5 sonar.

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Please check out my blog(http://learnsimple.in) for more technical videos.In this video, I explained sonarqube jenkins for maven project and analysis the sou.. 前言下载这个软件最终是为了sonarqube+Jenkins+jacoco得出测试覆盖率,做一个测试平台。过程艰辛。本文汇总各种因为软件问题和自己的粗心大意遇到的大坑,全篇吐槽说明,读者会感到浓浓的怨念先在这里致歉了。版本(第一坑)大多数的教程不会提到版本问题,所以这是第一个大坑 Run the SonarQube Scanner; If Check Key Measures or Spec Check failed Mark the build unstable/failed; If the build is successful Update the Structure101 Build configuration baseline property; Commit/push the updated Build configuration file; The baseline property in the check-key-measures and check-spec operations is always set to the label of the last build that did not fail the checks. This.

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准备 jenkins安装 sonarQube安装 jenkins中安装SonarQube Plugin插件 配置sonar serverJenkins-》系统设置-》SonarQube servers 这里,sonarqube本地安装的是6.0的版本,为了登陆的时候可以选择账号、密码的方式方便进行整合,这里配置设置Server version为5.2。如果设置为5.3 or higher选择 Using Jenkins to build your application, running tests with Jacoco code coverage, making SonarQube analysis, and saving all results to SonarQube online is a great way of deploying your applications jenkins服务器部署扫描器 sonar-scanner 官方文档:https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/analysis/scan/sonarscanner/ 部署sonar-scanner sonarq Analysis properties:输入一些配置参数传递给 SonarQube,这里的参数优先级高于 sonar-project.properties 文件里面的参数,所以可以在这里来配置所有的参数以替代 sonar-project.properties 文件. 注:SonarQube Scanner配置可以直接在项目根目录中创建一个文件sonar-project.properties.

Jenkins + SonarQube & SonarQube Scanner. SonarQube 简介. SonarQube 能够提供对代码的一整套检查扫描和分析功能,拥有一套服务器端程序,然后再通过客户端或者别的软件的插件的形式完成对各开发环境和软件的支持。. 对编程语言的支持非常广泛,包括 C、C++、Java、Objective C. Set some configuration inside sonarqube-scanner config file. Inside your sonarqube-scanner folder, go to conf folder and find sonar-scanner.properties file. Open it in edit mode. Add these two basic properties in sonar-scanner.properties file, or if it's already there but commented, then uncomment it Unzip the sonar-scanner-cli-3.3..1492-windows file into C:\sonar-scanner or any other directory of your choice. Edit the C:\sonar-scanner\conf\ sonar-scanner.properties file to.

四 Jenkins 集成. 1 在 sonarqube 中生成一个token My Account-> Security ->随便输入 Name,生成一个 Token 记住它,因为没有地方可以查看。. 4 配置 全局工具配置 -- 注意如果不准备使用节点的话,需要在master机器上部署一个sonar-scanner,指明路径,不然会报找不到. 5 配置 job. sonar、jenkins构建代码检查. 最近因为工作原因构建了一下代码检查流程,这里记录一下. 安装sonar 预置条件 1)已安装JAVA环境 版本:JDK1.8 2)已安装有mysql数据库 版本:mysql5.6以上 3)下载sonarQube与sonar-scanner 版本:sonarQube5.6 版本:sonar-scanner2. Jenkins Pipline使用SonarScanner中遇到的Bug. 在Jenkins上使用Pipline进行集成,利用SonarScanner做静态代码扫描的过程中,遇到了几个问题,这里记录了一点解决办法。. 1.脚本变量定义错误:. 自动安装SonarScanner插件,在Pipline脚本中使用 官方wiki 中说明的脚本: sonar检测前端代码 使用sonarqube检测前端js代码 1.使用sonarqube检测js 在jenkins中创建一个令牌,选择想要检测的语言,本文检测js,选择其他,选择Linux,定义一个任务标识,记录下右边的代码,如图所示: 在项目根目录下,执行我们刚刚复制的代码,进行一点小修改,本文所使用的代码主要在src目录下. 网页登录jenkins,系统管理,系统设置,SonarQube servers,配置名字和url,选择上一步添加的凭据. 4、配置Jenkins任务. Task to run: 输入 scan,即分析代码;. JDK :选择 SonarQube Scanner 使用的 JDK(注意这里必须是 JDK 不能是 JRE);. Path to project properties : 这里可以指定一个.

进入Jenkins-->系统管理-->管理插件-->可选插件,输入sonar检索,选择sonarqube scanner for Jenkins插件,直接安装 . 5、配置Jenkins上的sonarqube. 进入Jenkins-->系统管理-->系统设置,找到sonarqube servers,填写相关信息,name自己起,url要填写完全,token使用前面复制的token。保存应用. 配置sonar-scanner; 进入Jenkins-->系统. Loading analysis properties from c:\users\nirdevadm\jenkins\workspace\10.2.S_sonar\prod\csharp\SonarQube.Analysis.xml. Post-processing started. The SonarQube MSBuild integration failed: SonarQube was unable to collect the required information about your projects. Possible causes: 1. The project has not been built - the project must be built in between the begin and end steps 2. An unsupported. Must-share information (formatted with Markdown): which versions are you using (SonarQube Scanner what are you trying to achieve: trying to run the scanner with Jenkins deployment In most case that I see people have issues with having unknown sonar.project.key i see they have NONE in the project file but mine detects it but still throws the error: [ Pipeline] withSonarQubeEnv. Follow the instructions on the Sonar Scanner for Jenkins Wiki. 3. Pass the branch name to the Sonar analysis . The Sonar for Bitbucket Server app requires that the branches of the pull request get analyzed with SonarQube. To achieve that, you need to either pass. the sonar.branch (now deprecated, for community editions < 7.7 only) or the sonar.branch.name parameter (commercial SonarQube.

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0. Check if there is a file at C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-12..2\bin\java.exe. If yes then I'd wager there is quoting issue in the SonarQube or the MSBuild task that does not like the space in the path. Install your java in a path without a space that will likely help. If No, well... you just found your problem SonarQube Scanner: Incluye tanto la En este caso, la configuración necesaria para la correcta sincronización Jenkins Sonar, pasa por las siguientes secciones: 1) Configuración general. Donde se deben establecer los parámetros de la instancia de SonarQube, necesarios como contábamos anteriormente para establecerlo en la instancia de Jenkins . Además, en este apartado es donde se. Step #2: SonarQube Properties for Node JS Project Once you installed , configured SonarQube Server. create a sonar-project.js file in your project's root directory and paste the below line FROM sonar-scanner-image:latest AS sonarqube_scan WORKDIR /app COPY . . # We are restoring package here in order to make logs clearer for us to read in sonar-scanner # analysis execution section RUN dotnet restore RUN ls -list # First difference between this scanner and the previous one is a way that we execute it. # We need to execute 3.

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Hi there. I'm setting up a pipeline using giltab runner and that involve sonar-scanner as code quality tool. I have installed gitllab-runner and gitlab on different machine, as best-practies. On gitlab-runner machine I have installed docker and I have customize config.toml to use docker executor and runner.docker with sonar-scanner image. so this is my config.toml: concurrent = 1 check. Nice — it works. But now another issue is coming: Jenkins is running as Docker container in the jenkins_jenkins network; SonarQube is running as Docker container in the jenkins_jenkins network; Jenkins creates a new container with the sonar-scanner which has to have access to the SonarQube container which in its turn is running in an external network jenkins_jenkins (from the scanner's. After the pipeline with sonar-scanner run has been executed, the project view in Jenkins should include the SonarQube quality gate status of the linked Sonar Project. These SonarQube quality gate status indicators also function as links to the connected SonarQube project. The SonarQube project is also accessible through the project list of the SonarQube instance Jenkins Scripted Pipeline - Create Jenkins Pipeline for Automating Builds, Code quality checks, Deployments to Tomcat - How to build, deploy WARs using Jenkins Pipeline - Build pipelines integrate with Bitbucket, Sonarqube, Slack, JaCoCo, Nexus, Tomca

ci configuration continuous integration coverage development setup devops git github jacoco java jenkins jenkinsfile junit open-source pipeline report sonar sonar-project sonarqube sonarqube scanner sonarqube server test tomcat tomcat Descarga del sonar-scanner. Para poder analizar el código, es necesario descargar la versión adecuada del sonar-scanner. Como en el contenedor de Jenkins tenemos instalado Java, usaremos la versión Any de SonarQube Scanner: Analyzing with SonarQube Scanner DevOps Training Program that will provide you with in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes and Nagios. This training is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner through best practices in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, and.

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Jenkins 2.146 SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins 2.8.1; SonarQube 7.1; Introduction. Jenkins と SonarQube の連携には、複数の方法が存在します。 それぞれメリット、デメリットが存在するので、それについてのメモです。 Preparation. Jenkins の管理画面で下記の設定が必要です。 システム. 需要在sonarqube server配置jenkins的api token,用来jenkins将报告发送给sonarqube server. 全局工具配置中添加SonarQube servers. jenkins利用sonarqube的token创建凭据. 构建项目配置. 根据扫描的程序语言填写对应的analysis properties,在此填写项目相关信息。. 如果使用pipeline,可以参考. 前两天有位同事发给我了两张 SonarQube 代码质量扫描的截图,能够看出 SonarQube 还是能帮我们发现不少问题的。下面我们介绍三种使用 SonarQube 静态扫描代码质量的方法 通过 SonarScanner 手动扫描代码 通过 VS Code 插件即时扫描代码 通过 jenkins 插件持续扫描代码 通过 SonarScanner 手动扫描代码下面就是我的. sonar.projectKey = demo sonar.projectName = demo sonar.projectVersion = 1.0 sonar.sources =./ sonar.language = php sonar.sourceEncoding = UTF-8 这里的 Analysis properties 有 2 种方法: 让研发在项目根目录放置包含以上内容的 SonarQube Scanner 配置文 jenkins - system configuration에서 토큰 사용하여 소나큐브 서버 연결해주고; 플러그인 설치 탭에서 SonarQube Scanner 설치; Global Tool Configuration에서 SonarQube Scanner installations 설정. ( 따로 직접 설치할 필요 없이 이렇게 설치 가능 ) Jenkins에서 SonarQube 트리거하

jenkins安装及安装插件 1. sonar搭建可以参考 [之前文章:sonarqube For PHP 代码质量管理][1] 2. jenkins环境搭建:略过 3. jenkins 插件安装:略过 - SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins - Localization: Chinese (Simplified) - Email Extension Template Plugin 效果图. 首页有任务视图. 视图执 SonarQubeScanner & UnitTest 使用 Jenkins Pipeline 使用 Jenkins Plugin 可以參考這篇,此篇是使用 Pipeline 來實現 SonarQube 掃描 .net framework1. 下載 sonar-scanner-msbuild- 下載 Opencover Tool3. Pipeline

in Test Tools on 2019-11-18 | tags: jenkins sonar Jenkins +Sonar自动化代码扫描. 安装插件SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins. Jenkins->系统管理->全局工具配置->SonarQube Scanner 安装,自动安装最新版本即可。 工程配置->构建:Execute SonarQube Scanner. JDK要1.8+,Analysis properties SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins. Jenkins 관리 - 플러그인 관리 - SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins 설치 (https://plugins.jenkins.io/sonar) 그리고 적용하려는 프로젝트 구성에 SonarQube 연동하는 스텝을 추가합니다. Jenkins - 프로젝트 - 구성 - Add build step - Execute SonarQube Scanner 추가. Analysis properties 작성 . 아래 이미지와 같이 작성하며. 4、配置Jenkins任务. Task to run: 输入 scan,即分析代码;. JDK :选择 SonarQube Scanner 使用的 JDK(注意这里必须是 JDK 不能是 JRE);. Path to project properties : 这里可以指定一个sonar-project.properties 文件,如果不指定的话会使用项目默认的 properties文件;. Analysis properties: 这里.

Continuous Integration in Pipeline as Code Environment

Refer to the Jenkins documentation for the Credentials Plugin. Do one or both of the following: Path to analysis properties: Enter the path to an existing ccanalysis.properties file, which is a properties file used to specify the source, repository, system, test, and DDIO override information for the code coverage extraction. Analysis properties: Enter the parameters for the code coverage. 一、前言1、本文主要内容 Jenkins集成SonarQube Server配置Jenkins集成SonarQube Scanner配置Jenkins+Maven+SonarQube扫描Java项目代码质量Jenkins集成SonarQube Scanner参数说明 2、环境信息 服务器 服务器名 操作系统 IP 说明 Jenkins CentOS 7 192.168.88..

SonarQube Integration with Jenkins - QA AutomationJenkins-SonarQube Integration

Tags. plugin build build-system scanning maven sonar. Used By. 8 artifacts. Central (15) Spring Plugins (1) ICM (1) Version. Repository 내가 설치한 버전은 jenkins - 2.89, SonarQube Plugin - 2.6.1이다.) 설치를 하면 jenkins > configure 에서 SonarQube servers정보를 등록해준다. authentication token 은 SonarQube에 처음 접속했을때 아래화면을 볼수 있는데, 여기서 authentication token을 발급받을수 있다. 또한 language 와 build. ) 처음 jenkins를 실행하면 이런저런 설정을 하는데 특별한 설정 변경없이 next버튼을 연신 눌러면 설치가 완료 되고, SonarQube를 사용하기 위해 SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins라는 플러그인을 설치해주자

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